J B i R D * i N K * L t d.---

JBiRD iNK started out as a one-man illustration and design firm with its corporate office located in the upstairs bedroom of a split level home in Peru, Illinois. Founder Jason Kotecki started the company in 1998 after graduating from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Illustration. Jason did a variety of freelance work for a wide range of clients before producing a daily comic strip about childhood called Kim & Jason, which ran from August of 2000 to early 2007.

Since its humble beginnings, JBiRD iNK has evolved to more closely match Jason's long-term goals as an artist, author, and professional speaker. JBiRD iNK, Ltd. is now located in Madison, Wisconsin and serves as the parent company behind Escape Adulthood, and it aims to impact culture by entertaining, inspiring, and encouraging people to renew their childlike spirit and believe in their dreams through interactive events and various forms of media.

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