K i m---&---J a s o n
w w w . K i m a n d J a s o n . c o m

Licensing Opportunities: The artwork and characters associated with Kim & Jason have been utilized to promote organizations and events and are available for licensing. Feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have.

Publishing Opportunities: Kim & Jason has been featured in various small and large publications. The daily comic strip is available for regular syndication as well as limited or one-time reprint rights. Contact us with inquiries.

Retail Opportunities: The Kim & Jason Collection is an ever-growing line of high quality, colorful, and whimsical products featuring the characters and artwork of Jason Kotecki. You can peruse the entire collection at the Lemonade Stand, the online retail store. Many of the items are available for wholesale to select retailers. Click here for more information, or speak with a sales rep at 608.554.0803.